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A Day at Sseko

A Day at Sseko…

Most of the Sseko ladies rise with the sun to start preparing for the day and catch a matatu to the workshop. They arrive early with bright smiles and settle in for some morning tea and snacks.




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Before the bell rings signaling the beginning of work, the ladies sign in on the time sheet, put away their purses, tie their Ssekos and fix their hair.
We have amazing, talented and hardworking ladies who sew and loop and cut and stamp and bead and glue and pack and quality check together.



When lunch time rolls around, Oscar rings the bell and the ladies practically dance to the lunch room with their chairs! Aunt Jenifer and Aunt Matilda dish up beans and rice and we dig right in.



After our lunch time break, the ladies return to work and the afternoon is filled with more sewing and measuring and punching and bead rolling. There is always a quiet lull of voices chatting to one another, the whir of sewing machines and sometimes a radio humming in the distance.


Before you know it, it’s time to clean the stations, sign out, grab purses and head down the hallway into the afternoon sunshine.


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