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An Interview with Jenna Kutcher: Inspiration, Total Boss, Designer for Sseko

Jenna Kutcher is a total boss. She’s smart, driven, compassionate and hilarious. Seriously, if you don’t know who Jenna is already… you’re missing out BIG time. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have partnered with her for a very special project. Jenna designed a limited edition print for Sseko’s Kaftan and Multiway Shawl to be sold in collaboration with Dressember, an incredible organization that fights human trafficking! 

Catch our interview with Jenna herself!

Where are you currently finding inspiration in your life?

At our place in Hawaii, just being there inspires me to chase the kind of life I want and to really be present.

You’re a busy lady! What got you excited about taking on this collaboration with Sseko and Dressember?

I have been a giant fan of Sseko for years and so any mission Liz (Sseko’s Founder) supports, I’m in. She’s a passionate leader who has a heart of gold, and it’s been a joy to partner and come together as women to use our influence for good.

Tell us about your design for this collaboration and why you created it to look the way it does!

I wanted something easy but elevated. I am pregnant right now after a long 2.5 year journey and the first item I ordered for our baby was a sweet little swaddle that had almost a tie-dyed feel to it. I selfishly wanted something that would pair well with that imagining carrying a baby and feeling effortless.

Who is a woman you admire and why?

I admire my mom, plain and simple. She has the biggest heart, she sees the good in everyone, and she serves the world in places that need it the most. As I enter my own journey of motherhood, I aim to be half the woman she is.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done in a dress?

Oh goodness, I do just about anything and everything in a dress. I was a wedding photographer for 7 years and shot a lot of weddings in dresses, so I was standing on chairs, laying on the ground, hitting up dance floors, and capturing memories. There’s something so freeing about wearing a dress!

Tell us about a quote you’re really digging these days!

“Busy is not a badge of honor!”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself when first launching your career/entering your field?

I would tell myself to trust the process and that there are no failures. To approach everything as an experiment and to just let the outcomes guide you towards the life you’ve been dreaming off. When you take the pressure off of labeling either a success or a failure and treat it with curiosity as a “we’ll just see how this goes” it makes it a lot more fun and gives you space to pivot, change, and course correct!

Check out Jenna’s website for access to her incredible insights and tips for other “goal diggers” like herself!

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