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Ashley Campbell | Buy Better Not More Vol. 3

Photographer, adventure enthusiast, adoption advocate and mom of 5; to say she inspires us would be an understatement! We’re thrilled to introduce you to Ashley Campbell who’s joined us for our Buy Better Not More series.



What is your favorite piece from our Fall Collection & why?

The Tiko Tote in Safari & Black is my favorite from this collection. I gravitate towards practical and functional over trendy. This tote isn’t too big and isn’t too small – it is the perfect size for throwing my planner, wallet and a few other items in on the go. I can wear jeans and t-shirt or something dressier and it instantly makes me appear far more fashionable than I actually am!


What inspires your personal style?

As a working from home mom of 5, who prefers to be running in the yard with my kids than sitting on the sidelines, most of my style is dictated by what is practical for this season of life. As much as I think it would be fun to wear heels, cute dresses and fun skirts – those are little hard to play football in when one of my boys beckons me outside. My style is more a result of my clothes keeping up with me than it is inspired by anything in particular.

ashley-5 ashley-6

How do you live simply?

Less is more. In nearly all things. Less stuff, but more meaning. Less toys, more time together. Less commitments, more saying “yes” to relationships. I live in a constant state of purging things from my home and my schedule to make room for what is most meaningful.


Why is it important to buy better, not more?

More, whether it is stuff or commitments, fills up all the margin in our lives. For me the more I have in my home and on my to-do list, the less room I have to really savor what is most important. If I make a purchase, it is with intention and purpose. I don’t want to look around my home and feel suffocated by stuff. Instead of I want to fill our home with things that serve a purpose, support someone else or bring beauty to our days.


What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you & why?

“Say yes to adventure”. I once believed adventure meant big moments – sky diving, trips overseas, hanging from cliffs – not the little ordinary moments that can happen every day. Saying yes to adventure meant I had to GO somewhere. I know differently now. Saying yes to adventure means recognizing that adventure often is a matter of perspective. Today saying yes to adventure sometimes includes a roadtrip to a spectacular location, but most times it means opening my eyes to see the wonder in a child’s eyes when we bake a cake or hearing the laugh of a boy who just caught a fish. Saying yes to adventure means not just making it through my days, but choosing to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.


We’re all for keeping our shelves stocked with classic reads, and our music libraries timeless. What would you add to our libraries?

This question is probably better answered by my 12 year old son. He leaves books laying out in in every room of our house – he is a ferocious reader. I’m currently reading “Falling Free” by Shannan Martin. Her words challenge and inspire me towards a bravery rooted in faith. As far as timeless music, does George Strait count? I am Oklahoma girl, so the King of Country is what I consider timeless!

Keep up with Ashley’s journey of living simply (and all her adventures!) on her Instagram and blog.

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