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Brave Spotlight: Angelia Trinidad of Passion Planner

She found herself in a post-graduate depression, and out of that depression a tool was born to remind us that our dreams should never be an afterthought. We’re so excited to introduce you to Angelia, founder and CEO of Passion Planner, the empowering planner designed to help everyone take action towards their goals every single day. We hope you’ll be as inspired by Angelia as we are!

Give us a little background on you and your work with Passion Planner.

Hi, I’m Angelia Trinidad and I’m the CEO and founder of Passion Planner. My parents both immigrated to the United States from the Philippines hoping to give their children a better life. I am one of four children. I am born and raised in San Diego, but pursued a degree in Art at the University of California, Los Angeles.

After graduating from UCLA in 2012 and being caught in a period of directionless floating, I created Passion Planner, a tool that would help people create the life they’ve always wanted. I’ve successfully launched 4 Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $1.5 million. I’ve gone from shipping planners out of my parents’ garage with a small group of close friends, to shipping planners out of a warehouse with a full staff!

What is your vision for Passion Planner?

My vision is to have Passion Planner in the hands of as many people as possible. Passion Planner is a tool that helps you reflect on what you learned and helps you focus on short and long term goals. I see Passion Planner as a tool for people to empower themselves and others. It’ll definitely be a tool in making a positive grass roots impact.


How would you describe your personal style?

Most of the time, my style is pretty laid back and casual. At work, I love being comfortable and you can usually find me wearing neutral tones and black.


What tenant of the Sseko Manifesto resonates most with you, and why?

“Do Things That Scare You”

As an entrepreneur you’re constantly pioneering what the face of business is going to look like for next generation. There’s no manual or standard to what we do everyday as a planner company in terms of marketing, design, team building, or company culture so we’re constantly doing things that are at the edge of a new world. I’ve always attributed my success to doing at least one thing that scares me everyday.

What is one piece of advice you have for girls pursuing their education?

Try to learn not only what your teachers are trying to teach you, but also what you’re passionate about. That way, you can apply the skills you gained in school and apply it to chasing your own passions.


What is your dream for a brighter future?

I dream of a future where people empower themselves to be the change they want to see in the world. It all starts with having control over your own life and being able to chase after your own goals. People can’t motivate each other if they, themselves, aren’t motivated. I dream of people taking risks, and not being afraid to fail. A future where people are humble about their mistakes and where everyone empowers one another to do the same.

Passion Planner wants to empower as many people as they can! For every planner sold during their Kickstarter they will be giving THREE planners away to students. Follow along with Angelia and Passion Planner on Instagram >>”

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