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Ethically Sourced Leather Shoes + Bags

We’re often asked where our leather is sourced from, and we are proud to say that almost all of it comes from Ethiopia and Kenya! We work hard to source as many of our materials as possible (from beads to rubber!) in the East African region with the aim of supporting the local economy and community. The tanneries we work with mostly use hides from the animals of small family farmers and growing local businesses.

Leather & Livestock in East Africa

Ethically Sourced Leather in East Africa

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Ethiopia, How It's Made

Behind the Scenes | The Making of a Shoe

Each shoe in our new Footwear Collection is exquisitely crafted by Ethiopian shoe artisans from leather sourced through local family farmers. In addition to sustainably supporting the local economy and creating jobs in East Africa, 10% of proceeds from this collection go towards the Sseko Scholarship Fund to educate and empower women.

Making of a Sseko Shoe

Here is a peek at the process behind the new collection!

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Ethiopia, Uganda

Women’s Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

We recently found an interactive graphic that illustrates women’s rights in a variety of areas in countries around the world. Here at Sseko, we’re fortunate to be working in or partnering with companies in three sub-Saharan African countries: Uganda, Kenya +¬†Ethiopia. This month we’re celebrating International Women’s Day, and we wanted to take a look at the areas where women are taking great strides toward equality, and those areas that still need work.

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