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Brave Spotlight: Angelia Trinidad of Passion Planner

She found herself in a post-graduate depression, and out of that depression a tool was born to remind us that our dreams should never be an afterthought. We’re so excited to introduce you to Angelia, founder and CEO of Passion Planner, the empowering planner designed to help everyone take action towards their goals every single day. We hope you’ll be as inspired by Angelia as we are! […]

Brave Spotlight: Adriana Jaime

“I used to think being brave meant doing something big and cinematic and heroic, but after this trip, I realize sometimes taking those smaller steps that take us out of our comfort zone and help us grow can be just as brave.” -Adriana Jaime Adriana is a Portland, Oregon dweller dedicating her time to working with kids and embracing her creativity through photography, writing, and being a hostess. Although she’s not originally from Portland, she tells us that the city feels more like home to her than any other place in the world. After a recent trip to NYC with [...]

Sseko Designs x Elephant Landing

A few years ago, I was asked to speak at a photography conference in Portland. Odd, you see, because I am not a photographer (but this is another matter altogether.) But the conference was happening literally four blocks away from our office and it seemed to be a rad gathering of folks from around the country…so I obliged! Good thing, because that’s where I first crossed-paths with Caroline and Jayden Lee of Team Woodnote. […]

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Brave Spotlight | Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang is the personal style blogger behind Sustainable Siren, formerly Art In Our Blood. In addition to curating a beautifully inspiring blog, Jennifer is a design student passionate about sustainable fashion and inspiring others, especially young adults, to approach life with an environmentally and ethically conscious mindset. […]

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Spring 2016 Trend Report

Wondering what styles will be in vogue this spring and summer? We’ve scoured the runways and put together 6 trends that you can easily rock this season! From colorful tassels to strappy sandals, these looks are easy and effortless, and will keep you looking chic all season long! Pom poms and tassels are hot for Spring 2016 and were showcased in the Dolce & Gabbana runway show. You can rock this trend with our Carnival Accent on your Rue Sandals, T-Strap Sandals or Ribbon Sandals! […]

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The Future is Bright: Nikia Phoenix

When you first see Nikia Phoenix, you’ll likely be as struck by her unique beauty, name, and style, as we were. Having worked with Nikia before and in getting to know her over the past couple years, we’ve learned there is so much more than meets the eye. She continues to captivate us with the depth of care she has for her community and the way she thinks about the world and her place in it, she is a true freedom fighter through and through. Using modeling, blogging, and insanely good style as a platform, she is working toward a [...]

A Brighter Future: Audrey Roloff

Our Summer 2015 campaign theme is “The Future is Bright” — both because our summer collection features crazy beautiful, bold, and bright hues (coral! fuchsia! blue! turquoise!) but also because we believe that if we work together, a brighter future is possible. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite (brave!) women who are working to create a brighter future every day, too. We’ll be highlighting them each on the Sseko blog throughout the summer! To kick us off, we’re highlighting the audacious and striking LA-based blogger Audrey Roloff of! Audrey is a positive role model for [...]