Design Your Dream Sandals // Team Sseko

Here at Sseko HQ, we have been gushing over all of the dream sandal possibilities, and our awesome team in Uganda is doing the same. With one week left for you to take advantage of the opportunity to design your own custom sandals through our Kickstarter, we decided we would let you take a little peek into the lives of some of our employees, and see some of the dream sandals they thought up! Adrienne: Adrienne is our community manager at Sseko HQ, right in the heart of Portland. Here is her empowering design! "My dream sandal is a sandal with [...]

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Introducing the Sophia Bush Slide Sandal

We are excited to introduce you to our latest and greatest sandal: the Silver & Espresso Crossover Slide designed by our friend & actress Sophia Bush! This Spring, we’ve introduced four brand-new additions to our sandal line, but the Crossover Slide is the most exciting for our team because it’s our first sandal to require a shoe last in the assembly process! We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peak at how the sandal came to be, from Sophia’s design to the final production… […]

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Ethically Sourced Leather Shoes + Bags

We’re often asked where our leather is sourced from, and we are proud to say that almost all of it comes from Ethiopia and Kenya! We work hard to source as many of our materials as possible (from beads to rubber!) in the East African region with the aim of supporting the local economy and community. The tanneries we work with mostly use hides from the animals of small family farmers and growing local businesses. Leather & Livestock in East Africa […]

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How It’s Made: The Brave Bracelet

Though the brass bangles have been a Sseko staple for awhile now, we’re incredibly excited to announce our first major foray into the world of jewelry. The Brave Bracelet is entirely handmade in Uganda, using hammered brass wire, colorful beads, and a whole lot of talent. First, brass wire is cut to size, hammered, and then shaped into a dainty geometric diamond. Here, Josephine taps the wires to make sure the diamond shape is laying flat. […]

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Sophia Bush Introduces our Travel Collection

We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Sophia Bush to introduce you to our new Travel Collection! This summer, we had the opportunity to host this actress and activist at the Sseko workshop in Uganda. A long-time advocate of both educational rights for girls and conscious consumerism, we knew from the get-go that Sophia was a Sseko-spirit. With a style that is eclectic and impossibly chic, she embodies everything we envisioned when we designed this newest collection: wanderlust, class, fearlessness…and as always, a little bit of Sseko sass! Here’s a peek behind-the-scenes at the design of our newest collection [...]

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A Brave Adventure: Josephine’s Uganda Boat Trip

This fall, as we ask you to seek the unfamiliar, it’s only fair that we ask the same of ourselves, both in the U.S. and in Uganda. For Josephine, this meant overcoming her fear of the water in exchange for an exhilarating new experience: a Uganda boat trip on Lake Victoria! Despite the fact that Uganda is a land full of water, from the mighty Nile to Lake Victoria to the smooth, calm pools of mountain craters- most Ugandans don’t know how to swim. Two years ago, when Josephine heard of a few American visitors spending the day touring Lake Victoria [...]

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A Sseko Graduation Party

Time for another Sseko Graduation celebration! This year’s class of THIRTEEN University-Bound ladies graduated last week, and though we’re always excited about their futures, we’re definitely sad to see them go. These ladies jumped into a busy work schedule on their very first day and haven’t slowed down since, finishing up a last minute batch of samples before sitting down for an afternoon of speeches, cake, and celebration. […]

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New Mothers at Sseko

In March, we had the opportunity to meet not one but two new Sseko babies! Georgia and Phoebe gave birth to their first children recently, and brought them both in for a visit. Phoebe is one of our incredibly talented tailors. She and her husband named their son Israel. She is thrilled and very proud to be a mother. Phoebe loves to watch her son when he is playing and laughing, throwing his arms and legs into the air in excitement. She hopes that Israel will grow up to be a preacher, no matter what he decides to study. Our [...]

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Favorite Jobs

This past year at the Sseko workshop, things have been busy with the introduction of the new t-strap sandals and a lot of growth. Instead of colorful ribbon straps, these sandals come with carefully hand-beaded accessories, and a whole lot more steps in assembly. This has dramatically changed the way we work, and most days we’re less focused on individual teams and more on Sseko as a whole. The women have learned to be flexible because some days our talented seamstresses find themselves assembling leather sandal straps, or our most expert beaders head over to the other side of the [...]

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