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I love stories. (Duh. You get that by now.) I love asking people questions about their life. How did they get to where they are now? And the journey! What about the journey! While I delight in most stories, it always makes a little sad when I hear people talk about how life got away from them. How one thing led to another and they woke up one day and realized they were not where they wanted to be, and even worse, they were not wh0 they wanted to be. 
That being said, I’m always so encouraged and inspired by folks who make that recognition, and instead of staying on the path of least resistance, have the courage to change course when they realize their heart is elsewhere even if the stakes are high. 
Enter new Portland friend, Becki Singer (writer and marketing/brand consultant extraordinaire — you can check out some of her work over at her blog!) We’re honored to have Becki share a sneak peak into how she is choosing her own path. 
 1.) Tell us a little bit about how you’re choosing your own path. 

I like to refer to myself as a “recovering attorney” – after spending years and years in school and in practice, I finally realized that what I loved about law was the writing, and the chance to advise people on things that could change their lives. Now, I get to do all of those things every day, in a much prettier setting and without the billable hours.

2.) What led you to the decision to take a risk and pursue something you care about? 

While I’d been writing on the side for years, it wasn’t until I moved from San Francisco to Portland that a few things in my life converged to tell me I shouldn’t be practicing law any more. I finally listened to that “still, small voice” and, while I definitely still miss my old paycheck, I feel incredibly lucky to get to do what I do.

3.)What was the hardest/scariest part about it?

Well, the money, of course…that pay cut was a tough pill to swallow. Also, I’d always identified very strongly with being an attorney, and what that meant in terms of being respected by my peers. Being a ‘fashion writer’ doesn’t hold much weight in serious circles, so that was a hit for my ego at first. But as it turns out, I just needed different circles! 

4.) What would you say to other women you are on the verge of being bold, taking risk and choosing their own path? 

Be bold, but be smart. There’s a lot of ocean between diving in headfirst and never even getting your feet wet. Start small, see what’s possible, and trust your instincts. Oh, and ask for help! No one ever made it alone.

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