Remember about 2 weeks ago when I told you some very exciting announcements to make? Well. Happy Friday! We are SO EXCITED to announce that we have added two new FANTASTIC ladies to the Sseko Ranks. Turns out, when things get crazy and people buy even more Ssekos than we thought they would, we get to hire more women. So. Keep. Telling. Your. Friends. 

Please meet Dorothy and Florence. Or you can call them Dottie and Flo.

Dottie is currently in her 9 months between secondary school and University. She is applying for colleges right now. We are just so excited to help support her during these time and do what we can to make sure she gets the best possible education moving forward. Dottie is just the sweetest thing you could imagine (I mean, look at that face!) But do not be deceived! There is more beyond that sweet, sweet smile. Since Dottie came on board she has been giving the other girls a run for their money. This little lady makes sandals at lightning speed and has this incredible work ethic. Always wants to be working and learning and doing better than she did the day before.

AND Dotti is a hoot.  She’s spunky, always laughing, and when Julie got pooped on by a dino-bird, she knew Dotti would be the one to appreciate it the most. She is the youngest in her family and has 4 older siblings. She is passionate about kiddos and want to go to university and become a pediatrician. We are pleased as punch to do our little part in helping her reach that dream. 

Our second addition is Auntie Florence. Flo holds a special place in our hearts, because she is our first long term Sseko employee. Florence will be staying on with Sseko, even after this class graduates, to help us train and welcome the next class of girls. She is a like a Sseko mother hen. Florence is a mother to her own 6 children and is from West Nile, Uganda.  She’s lived in Kampala for most of her adulthood and has worked as a tailor, sewing everything from clothes to purses and now straps!  She’s quiet, motherly, has a joyful spirit, and a heart warming laugh. She’s one of those people who, when she laughs, just makes you feel really good.  Like, “Ok good she likes me, and she thinks I’m really funny.” Just one of those people you want to be around. She’s also incredibly grateful and always says thanks, even if we’ve only brought some leather for the girls to work on.  

So, join with us, in a warm welcome, Internet.

Welcome, Dotti and Flo! We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you to the Sseko family. Cheers! (Please imagine sounds of clanking glasses of freshly squeezed Ugandan passion fruit juice in the background…)

Thanks for helping us grow our Sseko family. Seriously, we couldn’t do it without you. 


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  • Reply Samantha April 23, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Welcome Dottie and Flo! I get to love Sseko from the states…but I’m pretty jealous of you ladies joining what sounds like an incredible group of women in Uganda!

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