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Fashion Revolution Week || Sseko Designs

We’re firm believers that when it comes to the products you own, How it’s Made Matters. Have you ever wondered who the maker is behind your Ssekos?

On April 24th, 2013 the eight story Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,137 workers were killed in the collapse of the factory and 200 more are still missing. The morning of April 24th the 3,639 workers of the factory refused to enter the factory because of large cracks in the factory walls. It was only 45 minutes after workers were beaten and forced to enter the factory that the factory collapsed and the deadliest catastrophe of the garment industry to date took place. Fashion Revolution Week honors the lives lost from the collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory building and calls for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

This week is all about asking brands #whomademyclothes and we want to encourage you to do JUST that! We love connecting consumer to producer, so let us formally introduce you to some of the women on our team! Get to know some of the beautiful ladies at our workshop in Kampala and their dreams for the future >>

Meet Shakira!

Meet Auntie Matilda!

Meet Maggie!

Meet Justine!

Meet Judy!

Meet Grace Jr.!

Meet Gift!

Meet Florence!

For the duration of Fashion Revolution Week we will be offering a free pair of sandal ribbons with any Ribbon Sandal purchase! Details >> 

(P.S., you don’t have to wait until Fashion Revolution Week hits next year to ask us #whomademyshoes. You can always meet our full team here!)

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