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Fellows Spotlight: Jessica Youngblood

The Sseko Fellows are a group of women across the U.S. who share our story, sell our products, and make a difference in their community and our world. We are so lucky to walk alongside these women in creating a brighter future, and want to take a moment to introduce you to one of them, Jessica!

Jessica Youngblood recently hit ADVENTURESS STATUS, which is a huge deal in Sseko world, let us tell you! This means she sold over $10,000 worth of product in just one month last year! And that she has helped earn heaps of badges for her Sole Sister in Uganda to earn additional scholarship money for university. This ALSO means that she’ll be joining us on a FREE trip to Uganda in the spring! So, let’s introduce you to Jessica…

When did you join the Sseko Fellows Program? Why?

I started as a Sseko Fellow in August of 2016. I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids and was looking for something fulfilling that would work into my schedule as a wife and mother. I found Sseko in my effort to have a more conscious closet and fell in love with the company. I was excited to learn of the Fellows program and the opportunity to get my hands in the action!

What about the Sseko Fellows Program is lifegiving for you?

I have been blown away at the blessings that have poured out through my short time with Sseko. Not only the opportunity to share the story and help the girls in Uganda, but the impact they have had on me in the process. The fellowship with other Fellows has been strengthening and I have learned so much from the amazing women I’ve met.

Since becoming a Sseko Fellow what’s changed for you? How have you grown?

I have learned so much more about myself in short time with Sseko. At first I set small goals only to blow them out and actually achieve BIG goals while shooting for much smaller ones. I learned not to put limits on what I was able to accomplish and to be bold in sharing the Sseko mission. I have been amazed at the relationships I have built with my customers and truly formed wonderful friendships through this joint mission to educate and empower women across the globe.

What tenant of the Sseko Manifesto resonates most with you?

“How it’s made matters” This is what led me to Sseko in the first place and has become a huge influence in my role as a consumer over the last year. I had little insight into the manufacturing process of most of the items that filled my home. Over the last year I have made it a mission to reduce the “things” I bring into my home, reduce the dependence on “things” to make me happy, and to seek out items that are responsibly made or even second-hand. We recently moved (in the same month I hit Adventuress) and through the process I vowed to remain conscious in furnishing our home. It has been an adventure and an educational experience for the whole family.

We talk a lot about being brave here at Sseko. What does it mean to you to ‘Be Brave.’?

For me, being brave means to take risks and be bold in pursuing dreams and goals. I know being brave is relative to each person’s situation in life, but for me bravery is definitely boldness. I am encouraged at the bravery I witness through our Uganda team and our college bound girls. They are boldly pursuing their dreams and I love getting to be a part of that. Their bravery is contagious!

You hit Adventuress Status! What’s the next goal(s) on your list to achieve as a Sseko Fellow?

Since we’ve recently moved to a new state, my goal is to introduce Sseko to my new community and to grow my business here. I would also love to share this journey with other women interested in promoting the Sseko mission. Building a team of social entrepreneurs making a difference in the world just sounds exciting and definitely something I want to be a part of!

You can connect with Jessica via her Instagram. Learn more about joining our tribe of Sseko Fellows here!

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    Love this JEss!! so encouraging

  • Reply Alyssa February 8, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    Jessica you’re amazing! I’m so honored to have gotten to know you over these last few months.

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