{g-nut butter, jelly}

(…for those of you who have not yet had the privelage and honor to taste a g-nut, it is the Ugandan version of a peanut. only the older, way cooler, tastier, purple cousin…)

here is an update from our Summer Intern, Kelley Swartz:

“We had a sleepover Ugandan style last night. It was complete with a power shortage and no electricity, singing, story telling, intense games of Spoons, dancing, and much laughter. They taught me the Kiganda dance and I, in return, taught them the peanut butter jelly dance. We shared “life news” as they call an update on personal matters that evolved into discussing life dreams and aspirations. I quickly picked up on the incredible character that each of the girls possess. Rebecca is strong. Mary is wise. Mercy is discerning. All three of them possess the ability to articulate profound truths in the simplest phrases that stay with me for days.  Mercy was describing her desire to become an Engineer, and the type of classes she would be taking at University. Ever the history and english lover, her course sounded painful to me and I simply responded, “That is going to be hard.” And Mercy quickly responded, “Everything is hard” to which Mary softly added, “But God is able.” I have only been with these women for a few days, but I’ve already come to realize that they have changed my world and it will never be the same again. “


 **Please note that the fabric around Kelley’s waist is there to accentuate her “lady hips” during the Kiganda dance.  Ah, I have such an affinity for cultures who like their women to look like…women**


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