graduation station.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled 30 Ways programming for some incredibly important news. This is one of the happiest (and sad!) time of the year. And the reason we do what we do.

It really snuck up on us this year.

Sseko Graduation.

It feels like last week that our CLA girls waited at the front gate on their first day of work. Lowered gazes, nervous laughter, and almost inaudible voices. 8 months later, I must reveal that the shy girls act was just that- an act. It was a façade for 5 bright young women, who have shown us their brilliance, hard work ethic, bright smiles, loud laughter, and driven spirits. We’ve had an incredible year. These women have helped us reach production goals higher than ever before and have carried us forward with their dedication and performance.

One week ago, the workshop was reminiscent of the day they all found out their exam scores. But now, they were finding out which University they were accepted into and which course they would be studying. Each girl from this year’s class was accepted into at least one of their top school choices.  They are all pleased with the courses they will be pursuing and are now preparing to go off to school. Four of the five ladies will be studying at Makerere University and will be pursuing the following majors:

Lea: Community Psychology

Talent: Entrepreneurship

Monica: Accounting

Betty: Computer Sciences

Susan will be attending Kyambogo University studying Education.

Amelia is currently retaking her Chemistry course in secondary school with hopes of scoring better on that portion her exam. She hopes to major in medicine–specifically surgery. This is an incredibly competitive track, so we fully support her decision to retake this course and apply for late admission. We’ll keep you updated on her progress!

There are small signs of the nervous girls from January emerging. It’s the next season. We’ve had lots of tears…leaving behind old, familiar comfort is hard. We’ve had lots of nervous giggles when we talk about making new friends and coming back to Sseko to visit. They’re getting ready to be the new girl at the gate again. But this time, they are a little more grown up. They have work experience. They carry their heads high and can speak confidently. They know how to survive in the real world and take care of themselves.

We held a graduation ceremony for these ladies, complete with speeches and cake. Tears. Laughter. Cheering. It was all there. A time to reflect on 8 months come and gone and look forward to life to come. Well done, ladies. We are honored to know you, and we send you with our greatest blessing. Go get ‘em.


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