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Brave Spotlight | Hannah Theisen

We’re all about a brave heart with a passion for slow fashion + conscious living! Have you met Hannah Theisen? She’s the beauty and brains behind the ethical lifestyle blog, Life+Style+Justice and a Sseko Brave to boot. Keep reading for her top holiday gift picks!12039142_816006971842056_5225414386243912970_o-1

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work with Life + Style + Justice.

I’m Hannah! I’m a 20-something serial entrepreneur (just ask me how many business ideas I’m currently incubating…), blogger, and activist. I have a deep love for social enterprises, which has taken me on a 7+ year journey to find my “day job” calling of working as a consultant for cause-based brands. I’m currently based in Minnesota, but moving to the Philippines in a few months to continue working with a project I started there (A Beautiful Refuge) and, let’s be real, eat fresh coconuts every day.

Life+Style+Justice is a lifestyle blog meant to offer resources for ethical living. I’m a huge believer in “everyday justice”- the idea that our small, everyday actions can add up to make a huge difference in the lives of others- and I wanted to create a space to talk about that. You’ll find tips on how to love people, care for the planet, and promote justice for all through everyday actions like grocery shopping, traveling, choosing clothing, even getting rid of your old stuff. I’ve been seriously blogging for about 4 years now, and I love the community that I’ve found through doing so-that’s actually what inspired me to start the Ethical Influencer Network, which is a huge global network of writers, vloggers, photographers, and instagrammers all over the world who want to work together to promote a more conscious way of living.


What inspires your personal style?

Hmm… can I just say social justice and minimalism? I’ve never really been a “fashionista”, so to speak, so it’s really by a hilarious turn of events that I’ve become known as a “fashion blogger”! The first thing that’s important to me is whether a particular item is made ethically- I look for companies that value transparency and fair wages above all else. Secondly, I look at whether the item is something that I would use regularly, and whether it’s something I really need. I keep a super-small and practical wardrobe… however, I have two pairs of Sseko shoes (ribbon sandals and loafers), so clearly I’m a fan! I also really value keeping the items in my closet long-term whenever possible to reduce my fashion waste, so I’m pretty happy that my Ssekos have lasted me nearly 4 years of constant use and are still going strong!

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

“Every Woman Has A Dream”… I’ve spent many years working directly with women who are in difficult situations- refugees, women affected by human trafficking, women struggling with poverty. However, I’ve never met a woman who needs to be “rescued” like some damsel in distress- each beautiful, resilient woman has her own set of plans and dreams for how she wants to change her own life. All she needs is someone to invest in her and open a door to opportunity. This belief has shaped my whole worldview, and my career… my life goal is to provide sustainable work for as many women as I can, because I believe that giving women their own way of empowering themselves and their communities is the best chance we’ve got to combat all the greatest social injustices facing women today.


Why should we give better, not more this season?

To me, “giving better not more” means consuming products more slowly and being more conscious of how my purchases affect the world. We’re wearing out the world and contributing to our own discontent by constantly consuming things that are “disposable”- cheap clothing, one-time-use plastic, crappy electronics that break and head to the landfill within a few short years. Giving better means spending more money on fewer things to ensure that the items I’m sharing with others tell a story of hope and empowerment rather than pain and suffering.

What is your favorite piece from our Holiday Jewelry Collection?

Definitely the Sharon Necklace. It’s just enough of a “statement” piece for this minimalist, and I connect strongly with the confidence and spunkiness that Sharon exudes. It’s an honor to wear a piece inspired by her spirit!


What other gift recommendations do you have for the Sseko community?

I love giving practical gifts. Sturdy shoes, a nice, long-lasting purse or bag, a needed item for the home. I also love giving experiences- a ticket to a tea tasting, a surprise adventure trip, or a trip to the ice skating rink!

Follow along with Hannah + her work with Life+Style+Justice on her Instagram!

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