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International Women’s Day || #beboldforchange

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day! IWD is a pretty big deal to us here at Sseko… no matter what year it is! But imagine our JOY when we found out this year’s campaign theme is Be Bold for Change. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better campaign theme even if we tried! The Sseko Uganda team OWNS boldness, so we asked them how they’re being bold for change this year. Keep reading if you’re ready for some serious inspiration…

“I’m trying to teach all women how to stand on their own. I hope to show them that they can create jobs for themselves instead of sitting at home.” — Grace Jr.

“I’m really working hard to see that I become someone who impacts lives of many people, especially young girls. Making them aware of how important they are as upcoming women.” — Winnie

“Help my family, and a business to help Uganda. So my children can grow up well.” — Margret

“I’m working hard, like right now, I working for my tuition, because I’m going to go to university, and after studying, I’m going to do something that helps Uganda, my society, or actually the world at large.” — Moureen

“When I’m faced with a challenge, I learn from it and use it to keep moving through other challenges.” — Grace Sr.

“First of all, I’m proud to be a woman. I don’t fear to face challenges, like ‘maybe this can be done by only men’- I know I can do it.” — Faith

“I think women of Uganda should be also be very bold like other women in other countries. They come up and don’t undermine themselves. They should also have confidence of doing things which men do.” — Josephine

“To be bold for change is to stand firm and be ready for any change that comes your way. You don’t have to be rigid about the past, you should accept any change that has come in.” — Prossy

“By working hard, I can help change my country.”– Auntie Jennifer

“First of all, I’m proud to be a woman. I don’t fear to face challenges, like ‘maybe this can be done by only men’- I know I can do it.” — Dorothy

“Accepting new things and new ideas. If you accept new changes, it can take you to another level. If you don’t accept them you don’t move forward” — Sharon Sr.

“If I can educate my child, it can change the world.” — Rachael

Today we’re making it easier to support women around the world by treating YOU to a #FLASHSALE! Take 25% off the Sseko product that started it all—the ribbon sandal! Use code: BeBoldforChange to get 25% off of all ribbon sandals + sandal ribbons through midnight PST tonight.

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