Brave Spotlight, Women of Sseko

Introducing our first ever Wonder Woman, Danielle Morrison!

“Danielle has incredible charisma. The girl lights up on camera and her enthusiasm is completely contagious. She’s on her way to becoming an internet celeb! She’s constantly coming up with new and creative ideas. When something that works for others doesn’t really work for her, she doesn’t let herself get frustrated. She stays positive, uses those original ideas as a foundation then thinks creatively to build something unique that works for her. Danielle recognizes opportunities that others might overlook, and turns them into gold.”- Alyssa Singh, Sseko Mentor Fellow

Danielle, you’re our first ever WONDER WOMAN! How are you feeling?

Being the first one to hold down the fortress of being Wonder Woman has been exciting and leaves me with a humbled feeling. I felt like a kid on Christmas when my fellow Sseko Ssisters told me about this wonderful announcement ( I was at a ball game wrestling my children and begging Mother Earth for service to tune in) she said , “Do you know who got it?” I hadn’t a clue who the lucky girl was……and with her knowing I wasn’t on the call she had to tell me….. “YOU ARE SSEKOS FIRST WONDER WOMAN” !!!!!!! I instantly beamed with happiness and felt like I could cry:) That past month was crazy in every aspect of running a business.

Why are you a Sseko Fellow?

Most people found Sseko, but Sseko found me and the minute I knew I loved everything about this company I couldn’t NOT be a fellow. At the time there weren’t even 100 fellows in the US and only 2 fellows in Indiana. I wanted to share Sseko’s story with everyone I knew and more. I rarely research companies or want to know behind the scenes stuff, but when I became a fellow and they gave me my own sole sister…. it was like a family I was brought into and I wanted to know where they all came from and why. I had tears soaring down my face watching videos of our sisters in Uganda. Inspired by their gusto for life and how beautiful they are. I’m now a part of their dream! What I do matters not only to me but her! So so proud to be a Sseko Fellow!

When you’re not being a total BOSS as a Sseko Fellow, what are you up to?

Like I said before I live in Indiana with my husband and our farms. During busy season you’ll find me going back and forth to the field with meals, hoping only one of my children fell asleep in the car and not four. Yes four beautiful children and our house is full of chaos and enjoyment! It’s only quiet at bedtime. We love going on day trips and gathering with friends. We are goofy and love anything that makes us full of laughter. Most people could pick my laugh out in a crowd (the best Cackle evaaaa) But I have amazing friends and family that support everything I do and they know exactly why Sseko has been added into my daily vibe!

What would you say to encourage other boss ladies like yourself?

Wether you’ve been a Fellow from the beginning or just started this week, Sseko will always reward your life if you let it! Take time to email your sole sister, encourage other fellows and celebrate all the good things coming! You are in a company that has the biggest personal touch! When you can say you’ve talked to the founder of a business and get to hear her ideas and ask questions, you realize how rare that is! When you can name every lady at HQ and you can call them for issues, that’s a step above! No robots in Sseko land! Sseko is growing with you in mind.

What are you aiming for as a Fellow this year?

I’m going to be on that plane headed to Uganda in 2018! I WILL hug my sole sister Joyce and maybe meet my sole sister Linda ( who is a top meteorologist now) I have to see our workshop and see a world unknown to me although I think I know so much!

What piece of our Brave Manifesto resonates most with you and why?

Our brave manifesto has so many words shining a light in my life, but one that hits home the most is ” Do something that scares you.” I’m not talking about picking up snakes or jumping out of a plane, but overcoming the fear of breaking thru my own surface. Through Sseko I have went into a strangers home, not knowing anyone¬†and had a sseko event. Talking to random women who comment on my sandals and tell them what they are and that I’m a part of them. The less scary thing would be to say ” thank you” and move on! Choosing to be scared can have less of a spooky ending! Also reaching out and worrying about rejection happens to all of us, but do it anyway!

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