{…just a second…please?…}

please give me a short moment…

to act like the thirteen year old liz. the one that believes that there are “things” that will make you happy. that there are material things that are so wonderful and beautiful and made just for you that if only you could have just that one thing your whole already rosy life (or terrible life, say, if a certain boy didn’t pay me any attention or my braces just got tightened) would suddenly become rosier. 

whew. ok. i just needed to let that squeak out of me. 

i wish more than anything i was introducing you to the Sseko-mobile. the beautiful, magical, perfect Sseko-mobile that will carry Ben and I across the country while we sell sandals and tell our story and the stories our beautiful friends in Uganda. 

the sad news is. i can’t. this is not our Sseko-mobile. only in my dreams. (but OHDEARGOLLY isn’t it wonderful?)

the happy news is the part about Ben and I driving across the country to meet you and share stories and sell sandals? that part is true.

no kidding. 

and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. but for now, take a peak at the road companion of my wildest dreams. 


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