Brave Spotlight, Sseko Style

Laura Arbo | Buy Better Not More Vol. 7

Lover of humanity, travel and adventure, this lady has one of the biggest hearts we know! Laura Arbo exemplifies simple living—while always staying chic! We were excited to sit down with this Marketing Outreach Specialist for the next installment in our Buy Better Not More series.


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline

What is your favorite piece from our Fall Collection?

The Saddle Crossbody Bag! It goes with every.single.outfit! I’m a simple, less is more type of gal so this makes me happy, happy, happy.


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline

What inspires your personal style?

My style has definitely evolved over the years. Now, more than ever, I’m all about comfort + practical. Dressing for the day needs to be cute enough to go out in public but practical enough to hop on and off a motorcycle, attend a business meeting, grab last minute happy hour with friends or be ready to hike through a waterfall, all within a moment’s notice. Beautiful but comfortable looks that will pass the Oregon lifestyle test. Basically, overalls every day. 😉


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline

How do you live simply?

My husband and I are very careful with how we handle money. We prefer to live below our means which has helped us completely escape the burden of debt. We pay cash for things, buy used cars, say no to things we can’t afford and take time to save for what we really want. This has enabled us to give more often and without anxiety. Mother Teresa once said – ‘Live simply so that others may simply live.’ It’s a good motto to live and spend by.


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline

Why is it important to buy better, not more?

There is so much waste happening around us. We don’t need a large majority of the things we own and are going into debt for. Matt and I recently moved across the country and purged most of our possessions in the process. Slowly but surely, we have been adding items back into our home and closets that will last. Sure, we have less. But what we do have are items we love, every single piece, and items that will last for years. Our entire mindsets have changed as we’ve started onto this journey of less is more. It’s incredibly freeing.


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you and why?

Practice radical generosity.

Think of all the goodness that could happen in the world if we all adopted this philosophy. Buy less so you can give more. Really identity the difference between need and want and in turn choose fewer pieces so you can afford to give radically.

We’re all for keeping our shelves stocked with classic reads, and our music libraries timeless. What would you add to our libraries?

Oh gosh. Now this is a tough one. Ok, I’ll keep it short.

Top Books:

Generous Justice – Tim Keller

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran Foer

Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents – Elisabeth Eaves

Entire Harry Potter series (obviously) – JK Rowling

Top Musical Artists (at the moment):

The National

Sigur Ros

Gregory Alan Isakov

Andrew Bird


Photo Cred: Abby Tohline

Keep up with Laura’s journey of living simply (and all her gorgeous adventures!) on her Instagram.

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