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Meet Bridget!

We’re excited to introduce you to Bridget, one of the 11 young women who will work with Sseko for the next 9 months while earning an income for university in the fall!

Bridget comes from a family of five children, with parents who are farmers. They are from the Kanungu District and grow their own vegetables, but their major crop is coffee. She enjoys learning about geography. One of Bridget’s favorite memories from school is exploring the Mpigi area on a class trip, where she saw a house made of glass bottles. But Bridget also has bigger dreams and would love to visit the mountains and forests in far-off places like Argentina and Sweden. In addition to her interests in geography, Bridget loves music, singing, dancing, smiling, and comedy. She has been to see a local comedian perform, and enjoys telling jokes of her own, too.

Meet Bridget

Because of her family’s humble background, Bridget thought she’d have to take a year off of school to earn money for school fees- but she did an interview for a scholarship at Cornerstone Leadership Academy on her own, and was accepted! That same drive will take her far in her intended course of study, procurement and logistics. She loves business and hopes to start her own hardware business one day.

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