Women of Sseko

Meet Faith!

Adeke Faith comes from a family of seven children. Her father is a pastor and both parents spend time growing their small garden. Her older brother has led the way through education in her family, having just completed his studies. Faith describes him as “free and approachable,” and often goes to him for advice. Her favorite part of school was an entrepreneurship course- where she and her classmates created a small business called “Divine Vegetable Salads” while they learned about calculation, accounting, and budgeting. They prepared and sold salads at school, and she loved running the small business. That should be no surprise, as she enjoys taking on responsibility in general and being held accountable for her work.

Meet Faith

She wanted to come to Sseko to keep herself busy, so her hands would have something to do and she wouldn’t just be sitting still while waiting for university to start. She even prefers to read motivational books in her spare time. This industrious young women isn’t all seriousness, though- she also enjoys chatting with friends, and her favorite task at Sseko has been making the brightly colored tassels for Sseko’s loudest and boldest sandal accent yet!

Faith hopes to study law in University. She is very drawn to justice and wants to protect children and exploited employees in an area of the world that struggles with corruption. Her role model is the Parliament Member of Soroti District, Angeline Osege. Faith sees her as a bold and courageous women who has a heart for everyone and doesn’t discriminate. With a heart for justice and role models to lead the way, Faith is setting herself up to be an important leader and change-maker in Uganda.

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