Women of Sseko

Meet Juliet!

One of Juliet’s proudest moments was in senior four, when she thought she wouldn’t have the money to pay for the final two years of secondary school. She’d already gone farther than most go in their education, and no one at home seemed bothered by her inability to finish. Juliet knew she had to continue, though, and asked around until she found out about the scholarship opportunity at our partner school, Cornerstone Leadership Academy. She went to the interviews on her own without telling anyone at home, and earned the scholarship completely on her own. She’s always appreciated her older brother, who is understanding and a good listener, and felt so proud when he heard the news and told her, “I love such bravery.”

Meet Juliet

In addition to being incredibly driven, Juliet is down-to-earth and friendly. She enjoys the kind and welcoming faces at Sseko, and appreciates Florence and Teopista for making her feel at home during her first week. She loves to sing, dance, and talk with friends. Her musical favorites include hip hop, R&B, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, and Taylor Swift.

“Education is important,” Juliet says, “because I get to know things. If someone stays home they will not learn them. They are only taught in class, and outside, they are not there.” Though math was her favorite subject in school (“It’s fun! You don’t doze while doing that”), Juliet hopes to study law in university. She’d love to visit Lebanon and sensitize people toward peace, and hopes to “stand in for those who don’t have people standing for them.” She advises those who’ve had a chance to pursue an education to do similarly, and not let what they’ve learned just die. “Maybe they can do something on their own out of what they’ve learned and bless other people’s lives.”

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