Women of Sseko

Meet Linda!

Linda has needed to overcome many challenges in her life, but that hasn’t stopped her from cultivating a wide variety of passions and interests. She enjoys chatting with friends, watching High School Musical, and economics. She also dreams of traveling to Japan. She’s seen a bit of it in Kung-Fu films and would love to get a glimpse of the culture and architecture in person. She’s even thinking she may want to run for president one day! She’s the youngest of four children, and lost her parents when she was young, but Linda has been determined to succeed and be hard-working. She has the support of a cousin who gives her somewhere to stay and is loving and full of good advice.

Meet Linda

Linda gives plenty of great advice herself. Her words of wisdom to other students include investing in good, quality items that will last rather than spending your money on cheaply made things. She cites Sseko sandals as an example, and we’d have to agree with her! Major investments can be tough for students, but Linda advises them to “start saving little, and in time that money will be much… Where there is a need, there is always a way. If you really need that stuff, you’ll find the way.”

Linda sees education as an opportunity to gain knowledge and new skills, as well as the key to participating meaningfully in modernity and civilization. Education is not always easy for women in Uganda. Linda explains that they “…are really undermined. In the case of leadership, they are not taken into those big posts, because they think they are useless. Most girls are not taken to school. They are taken to be inferior.” She thinks that education and women stepping into leadership roles are the things to bring about change. She’s taking her education seriously and has even vowed to hold off on boyfriends while she pursues her goals. She enjoyed economics classes in school, where she learned about business and budgeting. She hopes to continue expanding that skill set in university by studying economics and math.

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