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Meet Liz!

Over the next few months, we’re excited to introduce you to each of the 11 university-bound young women who make up our Class of 2016! It seems appropriate that we start off with Liz! Liz shares her name with Sseko’s founder, a coincidence that resulted in an eruption of laughter during our last office to office Skype call. It turns out that they have more in common than just their names, as university-bound Liz also values hard-work, education, and the people in the world around her. Her list of favorite new faces in the workshop so far is too long to list, and she really values the diversity of the place with people from all ages and regions coming together.

Meet Liz

She’s had to work hard and be responsible for herself, and lately she’s had to to live with a loving and kind friend instead of her dad. Though she’s had a difficult road, Liz still finds time to marvel at the strange things in life- some sponsors from Texas introduced her to the concept of ice sculptures, and she’d love to see them one day in person. In her free time, Liz loves watching soccer and rooting for Manchester United. She enjoyed studying chemistry in school, and watching the way two colors would mix together to form another.

Liz sees education as the way to the future. In Uganda, there are a lot of cultural obligations, injustices and taboos for women to overcome, and she believes education will help get them there. She says, “Women must come up and show we can do things people think we cannot do, by believing in ourselves.” She believes in herself, and hopes to study nursing to make sure that when people go to the hospital, there is someone there to care for them and treat them.

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