Women of Sseko

Meet Ruth!

Ruth’s hero is her mother, who is a teacher. Though she has both parents, Ruth explains that her mother, just on her own, could manage school fees for the six children in her family. That level of tireless hard work is something she really admires. Ruth values such leadership, as sees it as key to improving life for women in a place where some “…look at women as inferior. They look at them as if they have nothing, that even if you’re to bring out some view, they don’t consider it.” She sees Sseko as a place to improve her leadership skills and train her for the future in terms of time management and approaching managers in the workplace.

Meet Ruth

When she’s not focused on the future, Ruth enjoys spending time with the rest of her family as well, and spends her free time listening to gospel music. If she could go anywhere in the world, she’d love to travel to Nigeria and see the actors and film industry there.

For reasons she can’t explain, Ruth loves math and calculating. It makes sense, then, that she hopes to pursue a degree in civil engineering. Her dream is to see all the major roads in the country paved. Many roads now are too dusty, which makes it difficult to travel and get around. Ruth wants to bring honesty to the engineering profession and make sure that money allocated toward roads is going where it’s supposed to.

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