Women of Sseko

Meet Sandra!

While her future points toward a career in the sciences, Sandra also loves creative things, and is looking forward to the new skills she’ll learn at Sseko. She’s excited to find out more about how to make shoes and manage money. She comes from Sheema, an area of Uganda where most people raise small herds of cattle, and perhaps appropriately, she loves country music. She likes yogurt and cassava (starchy root vegetable), enjoys playing volleyball, and is interested in leadership and striving to lead an exemplary life.

Meet Sandra

Her role model is Allen Kagina, a women who supervises road workers and oversaw a massive and much applauded restructuring of Uganda’s Revenue Authority. Sandra sees her as a hard-working and confident woman who stands for what she speaks. She believes the biggest problem facing women in Uganda today is their inferiority complex, and with role models like Allen Kagina, Sandra’s not buying into it.

Sandra enjoyed studying Biology in school, learning about life and the things around us. Most surprising to her was finding out about innate behaviors, or the things that we do instinctively, without much control. This interest in science and a love for laboratories and mixing chemicals leads her to dream about studying Biomedical Lab Technology in university. Though her interests vary widely, her future trajectory is sharply focused. “Once you have focus,” she explains,” then you cannot be diverted by other people. If you set your goal, you want to reach it and can’t be influenced by other pressures around you.”

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