Women of Sseko

Meet Sharon Jr.!

Sharon Jr. loves dancing, especially traditional dance, and the way it makes her feel while she’s participating. In school, she enjoyed chemistry the most, especially when in the lab mixing chemicals. She marvels at the way mixing an acid and a salt together can give you something completely different.

Meet Sharon Jr.

Sharon enjoys learnings new things, and is looking forward to the new skills she’ll pick up at Sseko. Right now, she’s learning to budget her money to pay for things like food and rent, a skill which will be invaluable as she saves and supports herself in the future. The introspective nature that allows her to see such richness and joy in her experiences has also caused her trouble, though. She used to to struggle with over-thinking things that people said to her, but is learning to move past them. “Now, I don’t think about things that don’t help me out,” she says, and is proud of herself for overcoming her challenge.

Sharon wants to contribute to her country one day, and hopes to do this by studying medicine or nursing in school. She likes medicine because her heart always goes out to sick people, and she’s drawn to helping them. She comes from a family of three, led by a single mother who is a hairdresser. Her family is loving and supportive, and her mother is very excited to see that university is within Sharon’s reach. With such a system of kindness and support behind her, Sharon has a wonderful living example of caring to extend toward her future patients.

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