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We’re pleased to bring you an update you on the progress of the longest term Sseko employee. Mercy was one of the first 3 Sseko ladies and has been an active member of team Sseko for the past couple of years in various roles.

For those of you who are not aware, the Sseko program is three phased. The first phase consists what you are probably most familiar with: In short, making sandals to earn money for university. The second tier of the program involves our women who have completed nine months with Sseko and are now enrolled in university. Every year we re-hire a handful of women to return to Sseko to work part-time while they pursue their education. These positions are more focused on management and leadership skills. Mercy has been with us for three years and has served in leadership positions on the production floor and with our HR efforts. Most recently, she was tasked with coordinating our rockin’ mentor program.

She is finishing her second year of university this month and is planning on going for her first internship outside of Sseko. Mercy is studying IT at Makerere University and will be interning with a local company assisting with web design, database management, etc. This is a great opportunity for Mercy to practice what she’s been learning and will be good preparation as she enters her final year of University next year.

Have we mentioned how privileged we are to work alongside these women?

Congrats to Mercy on the internship and best of luck!  

Sseko Design Uganda Team

Year One

Sseko Design Uganda Team

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Sseko Design Uganda Team

Year Three

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