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More Than a Pretty Face: Lamic Kirabo

We were honored to have the incredibly talented Lamic Kirabo as the face of our FW17 collection. Lamic will always hold a special place in Sseko’s heart as the first Ugandan model to rock the cover of our seasonal catalog. Besides being an amazing model, Lamic is a hard-working and inspiring individual. We hope you’re able to get to know Lamic a little better through this interview…

What is something you’ve done in life that took a lot of bravery?

I moved to a new country, culture (Paris, France) across the world by myself, knowing not even one person. Somehow I’ve survived!

When you get discouraged, what motivates you to keep going?

I’ve taken moments trying to think of something profound, but its simple. God. And it is not so much motivation to keep going, but more trust to keep on going even when everything is going south and I do not want to get out of bed. To trust that God’s got me, and He placed the dreams I have in me for a purpose.

Which Sseko item was your favorite to model?

I have two because I cant decide:

1. The Kaftan because who doesn’t feel like a literal goddess in a Kaftan?!

2. The necklaces! 

What is your favorite thing about Uganda?

The creative scene right now is amazing, they are so many new cool creative events, places and things popping up everything. Kampala is buzzing. There’s concerts, new party scenes, it’s alive, I love that.

Tell us what a normal day looks like in your life…

It really differs day to day, I usually I wake up at 6am or 7am depending on what I am doing that day, I work out, then breakfast, get ready for school, and then most days I have class from 9am or -4pm and then work until 8pm. On the weekends and on free days I create content for my fashion blog and/or work on photography or modeling projects. When I can, I try to explore Paris (where I am living now), whether that is trying out a new cafe with my friends or just going for an aimless “inspiration-seeking” walk.


 What is one piece of advice you would pass along to someone younger than yourself?

Make your mistakes, learn or un-learn from them. Seek to bloom wherever life has planted you.

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