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The Mothers of Sseko

Around the Uganda workshop, we jokingly refer to the past year as “baby season.” So many of our veteran staff gave birth this year, and many for the first time!

We’re happy to welcome so many new babies into the Sseko family, and asked some of our staff to weigh in on their favorite part about being a mother.

Sseko Mothers

Teopista says, “­It’s fun to be a mother because you see your kids grow and change, the fun they make, every day you see a new thing about your child. Sit, roll, walk­- it’s a new experience everyday.”

Sseko Mum Sharon

Allen didn’t even hesitate before giving her answer, “Seeing my daughter dancing. Seeing my daughter happy.”

Sseko Mum Grace

Grace Sr. gave birth to twins this year, and now she’s living in a house full of four young boys! She says, “My favorite part of being a mother is taking on the responsibilities, and I think even having some respect in the community.”

Sseko Mothers

­We always try to do our best to meet the needs of the mothers and children of Sseko, and we’re thrilled that Phoebe is so happy with her benefits. “I’m insured,” she says with confidence. “Even the time of giving birth, I was insured. I was in the hospital, I was given good care. Even they gave me enough maternity leave. I was able to attend to my baby for sixty working days. And another thing, I was being paid when I was on my maternity leave. And Sseko has supported me as a mother, as a family, financially, materially.”

Sseko's Auntie Jenifer

As Auntie Jenifer says about motherhood, “It gives you respect in our culture.” We’re more than happy to support the laws of a country that holds mothers in such high regard and makes allowances for them in the workplace. And we’ve got quite a bit of respect for these working women, too.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mother? Share it with us using #ssekomums!

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