{my favorites, so far}

ok. truth be told, one of the reasons Uganda has stolen my heart, is because, gosh, i just laugh a lot here. here are some of my favorite quotes so far:

1.) Upon seeing me for the first time, my friends in the Cornerstone office exclaim, “Eh!!! Leeez! You are so bright!!” At first, I allow myself to believe they are referring to my generally cheery disposition. Perhaps the unmistakable glow of a newlywed? Alas, they continue, “You are so white! Have you put a white powder on your skin?” Mind you, last time I saw them I said goodbye with 4 months worth of  African sun on my face. This time, I arrive after just having left my zero degree, snow ridden home.

2.)While looking at our wedding pictures: “So, Leez, is it a custom in your country to wear no make up and do nothing fancy to yourself except for a white dress for the wedding? Your hair here, it looks the same as now.” Awesome.

3.) I love Ugandan advertising. Here is my favorite so far. This was a slogan from company that sells cables (like cords/wires). Mind you, this is their slogan, it appears on everything: “We still don’t have every kind of cable, but we might have the cable you want.”

Hope you enjoyed. If you like, you come visit. You are most welcome.



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