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New Beginnings || Allison Weber

Here at Sseko we deeply believe that every great journey begins with a small step. The Sseko Fellows are a tribe of women that have embarked on such a journey to create opportunity and community for women here in the states, as well as for our sisters in East Africa. One of those Fellows, Allison Weber, recently took a step into our Fellows community. This is her New Beginnings story!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My life’s journey has taken me to live in both India and Thailand, but I currently make my home in the mountains and pines of Flagstaff, Arizona, with my darling husband, David. My professional background includes non-profit/development work and higher education (I still have a secret dream of being on Saturday Night Live one day), but my proudest professional accomplishment has been opening a social enterprise coffee shop in Thailand along with David. We are actually still married after that process, so I’d call that a win-win!

What has been your favorite part about this new adventure with Sseko?

While living in Thailand, I had the opportunity to work with several Ugandan women who had been trafficked to Bangkok. Their stories were tragic and heart wrenching, but their resolve and determination to return home and secure a better future for themselves was awe inspiring.   When I heard about Sseko after returning to the US, I was THRILLED to find a company that combined two of my greatest passions: women’s empowerment and education. I just could not NOT join in as a Sseko Fellow!   I have loved sharing the vision and mission of Sseko with others through trunk shows. People are so excited to learn about ways to change their purchasing behaviors to make a difference beyond themselves. I also am proud to be a Sseko Fellow because the products speak for themselves. They are of highest quality and aesthetic – Sseko is not simply trying to create a forced market of charity purchases. It’s an outstanding model!

What inspires your personal style?

As far as my personal style goes, I am inspired lately by the sea – shades of turquoise, white, and that perfect pink of a seafront sunset!

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

“Be Brave” is the part of the Sseko Manifesto that resonates most with me. My Instagram handle is actually @shebebrave (follow me!) which stemmed from a season where God was asking some things of me that required more of me than I was capable. “She Be Brave” became a sort of mantra for me in that season and still is today – I love calling out bravery in other women when I see it displayed. Another reason Sseko is such a perfect fit! (Now, who has one of those amazing, discontinued “Be Brave” bucket bags they want to sell me?!!)

What is your favorite piece in our Spring Collection?

I am obsessed with the Cobblestone satchel! Mercy, it is THE BEST TRAVEL BAG! In fact, I’ve been carrying it all about Southeast Asia the last couple weeks. It’s the perfect size for everything you’d beed for the day. And a perfect pocket for my phone which tends to always be at the bottom of my bag when I need to access it. Anyone else??!?

Follow along with Allison’s journey on her Instagram here!

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