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New Beginnings || Amy Lavan

Here at Sseko we deeply believe that every great journey begins with a small step. Introducing one of those small step takers, Amy Lavan! Amy is part of our Sseko Fellows tribe. The Sseko Fellows are a community of women that have embarked on such a journey to create opportunity and community for women here in the states, as well as for our sisters in East Africa!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Amy! Originally from Richmond, VA and now living in Denver, CO – I love all things turquoise and anything pickled. My passion is promoting sustainable businesses and the products they sell + supporting fair trade in every way that’s possible. My free time is spent either seeing live music, watching a movie, or snowboarding. I purchased my first pair of Sseko ribbon sandals in 2013 and still rock them today. Currently, I’m renovating a vintage 1975 airstream and turning it into a mobile shop that will sell socially conscious and sustainable products. Look out for the Dream Stream as it hits the road very soon!

What has been your favorite part (or two or three) about this new adventure with Sseko?

I’ve known about and loved Sseko for a while now. It’s amazing to see how the products have evolved over time. In my opinion, they keep getting better and better! My favorite part about joining the Sseko adventure is feeling like I’m a part of something bigger. Sometimes it’s hard to feel connected to each other despite the constant access to social media and even though I just started this journey as a Fellow, I already feel like I’m part of something special. Sseko has made it possible for me and so many other women to feel connected to one another and is doing a really good job at it. It’s easy for me to support Sseko as they continue to support women in Africa because I respect the model behind the message. It’s exciting to part of something that is changing and growing, but also making a difference in the world in a very real and practical way.

What inspires your personal style?

Having parents that grew up in the middle of the 20th century – I’m fascinated and inspired by styles from that time period. I remember growing up and asking my mom what kind of clothes she wore and wishing that she had kept more! Those decades – to me – marked one of the first times that fashion explored a more worldly influence. History repeats itself and I love that the boho look is in style right now. I love the bright colors of Indian saris, the beaded jewelry that comes from Kenya, and the woven textiles from Guatemala. Shopping ethically is important to me. It’s easier to support brands that consider the cultural significance of the makers while at the same time adding a modern touch to the designs.

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

“Every woman has a dream”. I believe in the power of dreams and the potential they hold. A dream is not biased – it doesn’t create boundaries and borders. A dream can start from nothing and become anything. No matter how big or small, everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams. This piece from the Brave Manifesto resonates most with me because my new venture is based on and will be built around supporting the dreams of women around the world.

What is your favorite piece in our Spring collection?

The Wrap Sandals!! I’ve been wanting a pair of sandals like these for a long time and was super excited to find out that I was receiving a pair because I signed up to be a Sseko Fellow. It’s so cool that I can find exactly what I’ve been looking for from a brand that I love and feel good about supporting. I can’t wait to get them!

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