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 This season we’re focusing on the magic that comes from a new beginning. Maybe you caught a glimpse of that with the launch of our SS 17 collection! The Spring / Summer 2017 collection is an ode to origins and new beginnings. Handcrafted in East Africa, this collection is a celebration of hope in the lives of Sseko women, both in Uganda and here at home. One of those women is named Bonnie Bakhtiari, and we are SO excited to introduce you to her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Bonnie, a brand designer and strategist for creative women entrepreneurs! I partner with my clients to empower them to own their stories through the brands they build so they can experience more passion, a deeper sense of purpose, and ultimately profit, as they build a business that reflects their heart. When I’m not designing my little heart out, you can find me hanging out with my hilarious husband, my college sweetheart of seven years, and our rambunctious golden retriever, Boone. Together, we live in a little city called Waco which you may have heard of thanks to a certain HGTV series!

What inspires your personal style?

My personal style is inspired by effortless, chic pieces that make me comfortable in my own skin. I’d rather pursue what makes me feel great than what’s the latest trend, and I’m often reaching for a flowy shirt, skinny jeans and ankle boots over anything overly polished! As a designer and strategist, I spend most of my days working with my clients virtually or on the computer, so it’s important that my wardrobe be filled with pieces that can move with me and ones that can make me feel put together without too much fuss.

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

“Every great journey starts with a small step.” I couldn’t agree with this heartfelt truth any more than I already do! In my own life, I’ve seen the power of taking small, shaky steps forward and how that tiny act of faith can bring beautiful, awesome things into being. From starting a business to building a new relationship, all great things begin as unsure steps out into something worth exploring, worth trying, and worth doing. And I think there’s something powerful about knowing that great journeys truly begin from small actions. That gives us the freedom to know that we don’t have to set out with all the answers or having it all perfectly put together. Instead, we can confidently move forward in the direction of our dreams just as we are, imperfections and all.

This season we’re focusing on trusting in the magic of new beginnings. Can you tell us about a time where you’ve seen this kind of magic first hand?

I’ve seen the magic that comes from new beginnings and trying something new when I launched my business, b is for bonnie design, in 2012. I was just about to graduate college and move across the country, and every instant of that season of life felt exciting, uncertain, and new! But I believed that with grace, gumption, and a willingness to do the work, I could create a little business that could help support my soon-to-be husband and me. And along the way, I discovered that by taking the leap I could also empower my clients to own their unique stories as we worked together! What started as something filled with risk and uncertainty slowly evolved into something beautiful, meaningful, and downright magical.

What is your favorite piece in our Spring collection?

I absolutely love the Rose Gold Crossover Slides! They’re not only beautiful but they’re perhaps the most comfortable pair of sandals I own. They are perfect for Summer in Texas and they transition easily from a casual outfit for running errands to a warm weather date night look. I’m obsessed!

Follow along with Bonnie’s journey on her Instagram!

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