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New Beginnings || Harmony Fruge

Here at Sseko we deeply believe that every great journey begins with a small step. The Sseko Fellows are a tribe of women that have embarked on such a journey to create opportunity and community for women here in the states, as well as for our sisters in East Africa. One of those Fellows, Harmony Fruge, recently took a step into our Fellows community. This is her New Beginnings story!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in Southern Louisiana with my husband and 4 children (Emmett & Everett 6, Etta 4 and Elliott 1).  I chose to be a stay at home mom, and I am very much enjoying this sometimes overwhelming season of my life.  I try to remind myself that these times are once in a lifetime.  I come from a background in retail management and sales that introduced me to such a wide variety of people, some of whom still remain my greatest friends.  My personality is the truest form of a Gemini.  In my work interest I am focused, organized and diligently work to achieve my goals, and in my personal time I can be in the midst of a chaotic household and still sit down for hours on end with a good book.

This season we’re focusing on trusting in the magic of new beginnings, like this new beginning you’ve started with Sseko as a Fellow! What has been your favorite part (or two or three) about this new adventure with Sseko?

The first time I heard about Sseko Designs was on International Women’s Day.  I like to think it was divine intervention.  As a stay at home mom I often felt like that other half of me was being relinquished, and it was a hard pill to swallow at times.  After hearing about this intriguing company I found myself consumed with learning more about Sseko.  I read articles, watched videos, and every article and video seemed to be calling me closer to the mission and the sisterhood of this company.  Sseko sat heavy on my heart and I couldn’t help but talk about it with all the people in my life.  After I hosted my first party I knew I wasn’t ready to be done, and I applied and got started as quickly as I could.  Through Sseko I have been able to use some of my skills that have been laying dormant.  I’ve loved being able to reclaim a part of myself and help young inspiring women at the same time. 

What inspires your personal style?

My personal style tends to lean towards comfort and classic.  I love having basic pieces that you can easily add some personality to.  I often like going bolder with my shoes, and love that the accents and ribbons give me so many options to do that with.

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

Toughest questions so far!  I think I’ll have to go with, “Stand up for yourself & for those who can’t.”  A very good friend of mine and I were discussing women’s roles and the struggles that women often face in one of our many #realtalk conversations, and she reminding of a quote that emanates so deeply inside of me.  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -MLK Jr.  We have a duty to our children to make this world a better place, and to me that starts with standing up for what is right, and not just what is right in front of you face.

What is your favorite piece in our Spring collection?

My favorite piece has got to be the Sahara Sunset Necklace.  It has these beautifully crafted paper beads that make the necklace so lightweight, and the rose quartz beads add an edginess to it.  I haven’t found an outfit it doesn’t look good with yet!

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    Amazing story, Harmony!!! Love seeing you dive into this passion of yours and excel!

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