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This season we’re focusing on the magic that comes from a new beginning. Maybe you caught a glimpse of that with the launch of our SS 17 collection! The Spring / Summer 2017 collection is an ode to origins and new beginnings. Handcrafted in East Africa, this collection is a celebration of hope in the lives of Sseko women, both in Uganda and here at home. One of those women is named Sarah Gerber, and we are SO excited to introduce you to her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a founder, a filmmaker, a traveler, and an advocate. Growing up in California, traveling to unusual places and putting in long hours as an entrepreneur, are some of things that have shaped the person I am today, for which I am grateful. I live in Oakland with my husband.

What inspires your personal style?

Simplicity and my travels. I like to have a foundation of great basics and then a few key statement pieces to mix in, sometimes pieces I’ve bought while on a trip or has been handcrafted in another country, like the pieces from Sseko.


What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

It’s hard to choose! I’m going to pick two. 1) “Every Great Journey Begins with a Small Step”–I’ve found this to be very true in my life. 2) “Stand Up for Yourself & Those Who Can’t”–this is a fundamental principle I orient my life around, it’s one of the things that compels me to tell stories, because stories are a way to help others stand up for themselves.

This season we’re focusing on trusting in the magic of new beginnings. Can you tell us about a time where you saw this kind of magic first hand?

Beginnings are my favorite. I love when an idea or concept first takes hold and my mind takes off on all the paths of possibilities. To me, that is magic.

What is your favorite piece from the Spring 2017 Collection?

I’m loving the new jewelry pieces! And since I am a fan of basics, my favorite from the Spring collection are the mini Hex Stud earrings–I could wear them everyday!

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