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New Beginnings || Tana Thomas

Here at Sseko we deeply believe that every great journey begins with a small step. The Sseko Fellows are a tribe of women that have embarked on such a journey to create opportunity and community for women here in the states, as well as for our sisters in East Africa. One of those Fellows, Tana Thomas, recently took a step into our Fellows community. This is her New Beginnings story!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a mother to 3 very incredible kids, son 9, and two daughters, 5 &1. My husband and I are officially out numbered! We love to be outdoors and travel. I currently stepped out of being a Hairstylist/Makeup Artist of 17 years after we had the 3rd little one. As hard as that decision was, it has been a wonderful transition. Now with my crazy fun journey with Sseko, everything seems right.

What has been your favorite part (or two or three) about this new adventure with Sseko?

New beginnings can be challenging, and it takes some bravery. Being a part of the Sseko Fellows community takes that fear factor away. I would say my favorite part about my journey with Sseko is knowing that while I am sharing these GORGEOUS products made by these BEAUTIFUL women across the world, together we are all becoming better!!! The sisterhood created and the relationships that bloom from this journey are another favorite for sure!

What inspires your personal style?

Style to me is what makes you comfortable in your own skin. Not so much about what others think, but how you feel. How a shirt you wear, or a handbag you carry makes you feel. If it brings me joy, I’m all in! Sseko definitely brings me joy when I wear it!

What piece of the Brave Manifesto resonates most with you? Why?

Two pieces of the Brave Manifesto resonate with me because for me they really weave into the other. “Stand Up for Yourself and for Those Who Can’t” & “When in Doubt Give Grace”. I raise my kids to not take crap from people, and to stand up for what is right. Yet at the same time I teach them to extend grace first. Assumption of others is not leaving room for growth on either side. When you stand up for what you believe in or against what you don’t, do it with dignity not hate. When there is grace, there’s opportunity for all of us to learn something. I love that through Sseko I can stand up for women across the globe and do it in a dignified way. Along the journey there will be many moments, I’m sure, for me to extend grace to people that maybe just don’t look through the same lens as I do. And hopefully that grace is reciprocated and we all walk away little wiser.

What is your favorite piece in our Spring collection?

The Spring Collection is stunning!!! The Jade, Cobblestone, and Dusty Rose colors and the GOLD. My absolute favorite are my Rose Gold crossover sandals. I wear them almost daily! And I really love my dusty rose tassel clutch too!

Follow along with Tana’s journey on her Instagram!

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