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A New Workshop in Uganda! (Dreams Coming True)

Every great journey begins with a small step.

That’s one of the tenants of the Sseko Manifesto for so many reasons! We truly believe that taking small steps is necessary to making any great journey possible. Since the beginning of Sseko, it’s been our dream to be in our own workshop in Kampala and for that workshop to be managed 100% by a Ugandan staff. We’ve been taking small steps to making this possible for years, and we’re so excited to share that (this year!) both of these dreams have come true!


Have you met Aggie? Aggie’s been an integral part of our growth and success and we’d be truly lost without her. She has been with Team Sseko for a little over 5 years, and has been officially promoted to Managing Director (or Country Manager as they say in Uganda!). Her promotion means that our Kampala workshop is now 100% managed by a Uganda staff. Under Aggie’s leadership, the Sseko Uganda team is excited to continue growing our production capabilities!


We could list thousands of reasons (if you’d let us!) of why moving into our new building is such a dream come true. Our COO, Brent, has been working with our team on the ground in Uganda and from our U.S. HQ here in Portland to make this dream a reality! We asked him to share his favorite parts of our new location.



We are on a hill (major point of pride in Uganda) outside of the city and not surrounded by high-rises. The compound slopes to the West so we can see the horizon. We get to catch the sunset as a reward when we hang around after working hours.


Having our own yard!

Most factory buildings in Uganda are part of a larger block and either connected to other buildings or surrounded by concrete. Ours stands alone and takes up less than half the land it’s on, so we can eat together outside and daydream about the bananas and Palm trees that will be growing soon. Uganda is lush & green outside of the city (where foot traffic & motorcycles expose the red dirt), but we’ve got our own oasis in the burbs.



The ability to Sseko-fy it!

Without a landlord, we get to make it our own with pastels & the Sseko logo everywhere. Attention to detail isn’t a common concern in the construction world in Uganda, but it is in ours. We want every detail to be perfect so we’re working in an environment conducive to making perfect products. The workshop is still a work in process, but this time we get to make it our own.


We’re just getting comfortable in our new space. Keep an eye out for more updates on our new building and what we’re going to use our extra land for!

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