I am happy to introduce you to the two newest Sseko girls.  They are about a month into working with us, and (no shocker here) we love them!  As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our staff to include full-time, long-term employees to compliment the short-term women. Allen and Joyce both joined the team as full-time, long-term workers. We are excited to be a part of these ladies’ lives for the long haul. 

Allen is 22 years old and Joyce is 20.  Allen has a precious little daughter named Shiraz who is so stinkin’ cute. When asked why they wanted these jobs, Allen said she wants to be able to support her daughter and send her to school next year. Joyce hopes to pay her younger siblings’ school fees with the money she earns at Sseko. Doesn’t get much better than that! 

These ladies were possibly the quickest learners we’ve ever seen. They’re kickin’ (get it?) out the sandals faster than you can lace them on your pretty little feet. Both of these women are hard workers.  During their first week, they were the first ones to work in the morning and the last to leave.  They’ve claimed their regular work spot under one of our trees, and they fit right in!  So far, they’ve stayed pretty quiet, but I know there are some fiery spirits in there. For now, I’m bribing them with sweets to make them like me and to make them to feel more comfortable. I usually open up to people who give me candy, and I’m hoping they do too.  Welcome welcome, Allen and Joyce.  






 Making baby Ssekos for little Shiraz!

GOO!! How sweet is this little lady?

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  • Reply Laine September 19, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    I just saw the picture of the little girl wearing ssekos….are you going to start selling sandals for little girls? Can I make a special order?

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