Sseko Graduate Spotlight :: Patricia

Attending: Makarere Business School

Studying: Procurement and Logistics

Patricia is a bit of an anomaly in her village. She humbly explains that all the girls she attended school with have long been married, had children and do not have the financial means to stand on their own. Patricia has made it her life goal to become a woman of education and integrity so that the leaders of her community will respect her.

This open-minded woman admits that she did not have any experience using a sewing machine before working at Sseko. Determined to learn as much as she could, she would ask the experienced seamstresses to teach her on her lunch break. As Patricia puts it, “I opened my mind to learning new ways and now I can do much more with my hand and mind.”

Patricia moved closer to tell me that she has learned to work with her own hands and to be creative.  With well-earned pride, she tells me, “I can follow instructions but being creative is more than that.  It involves design.  I can come up with my own way of styling straps and at the end of the day people admire what I have created.” 

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