Sseko Graduate Spotlight :: Beatrice

Attending:  Gulu University

Studying: Development Studies

When you are in the presence of Beatrice, you feel like you are in the room with a modern day explorer. Her sense of adventure is inspiring and it wasn’t long into our conversation, that I imagined myself accompanying Bea on a thrilling trek through the Congo looking for gorillas.

Beatrice was born in Gulu during the civil war and decided that her first visit to southern Uganda for secondary school should and would kick off with an exploration of the city and every beach in town. For her, the freedom to move on her own without the fear of war and abduction was intoxicating. She is using her newfound freedom to pursue her education in Developmental Studies.

Beatrice understands that good communication takes time and effort but the tradeoff is a unified, productive team. She learned how to handle issues among the group and be a part of team that was able to increase their production and improve on quality. The heart of this explorer values Sseko sandals for their uniqueness and worldwide sales. She explains that her time at Sseko has been invaluable, in part because it gave her the opportunity to interact with people of different color, ages and styles. She enjoyed the tasks themselves because of the unique product she was working with. She is sure that her experience with Sseko will be a great base for opening her own business someday.

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