Sseko Graduate Spotlight :: Robinah

Attending: Makarere Business School

Studying: Commerce…and then law school

Robinah is a story-teller. When there is a lull around the workshop, Robinah is always willing to share a story from her past or a folk tale from her tribe. Somehow, the first conversation I ever had with her managed to evolve into a hilarious tale that ended with an embarrassed son-in-law running through the village covered from head to toe in baking flour.

Her ability to captivate an audience will serve her well in the courtroom, which is where she will spend much of her time after she finishes her degree in law. Robinah also has a mind for business.  With what she has learned at Sseko, she hopes to start her own small business before finishing University and going on to law school.  Robinah is seeing her dream come true as she takes the next step toward a career in law. 

 We appreciate Robinah’s honesty in admitting that she was challenged and discovered that she knows a lot of things but not everything. Her teachable attitude has allowed her to see the benefits of being interdependent. She explains that when working on a team, she often needs the piece that someone is finishing in order complete her part. With confidence, she states, “So much more can be accomplished working together than alone.” Her goal is to use her skills and education to advocate for those in the justice system who otherwise fall through the cracks. We have no doubt that Robinah’s goals will evoke a contagious change.


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