Sseko Graduate Spotlight :: Betty

Attending: Gulu University

Studying: Development Studies

Betty is certainly not your average recent high school graduate. Serious and contemplative, Betty’s calm and strong demeanor quietly demands that you take her seriously. And serious she is. When it comes to working hard, achieving her dreams and overcoming hardship, Betty has proven herself to be a woman of strength and courage. Betty lost both of her parents during her childhood. With no one to pay her primary school fees, she arrived early and stayed late at school to clean the grounds everyday to pay off her school fees. When she moved on to secondary school, she could not find employment and there was no way she could afford to continue her education. She scoured Uganda for a job opportunity, and like most women her age, failed to find employment.

But where most would give up, 17 year-old Betty decided to move to South Sudan, where she heard there were more opportunities. A terrifying journey for a girl who had never left her village, Betty succeeded in her pursuit and taught nursery school in a foreign country for a year to earn enough money to finish her high school degree. Since she was a young girl, Betty has proven herself as determined and committed. She will go on to university to study Developmental Studies to further her passion of community relations, specifically in the area of cross-cultural relationships.

Betty has a talent for observing a technique and mastering it almost immediately. We have seen her strive to understand people’s differences and work in harmony with others. Because of that, she easily moved among our production teams and was in high demand.

Betty says, “If you work when you are not happy, you cannot do what is expected.” She found her joy in working and socializing with her coworkers from all parts of Uganda. Through working at Sseko, Betty has experienced the importance of being a team player when big goals are on the horizon.



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