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Sseko Spotlight: Alex Michael May

It’s impossible not to smile when you’re around Alex. She’s one of the stunning models for our Spring / Summer 2018 collection and an incredible advocate for body positivity. Alex has taken brave steps that have put in front of more and more women as a beautiful and encouraging inspiration. We know you’ll fall in love with her just like we have…

Share a bit of your personal background

I moved to LA right after college to pursue copywriting for advertising and improv comedy writing. I knew I was meant to be a voice and be in front of the camera, but I kept taking roles behind the scenes because I wasn’t confident enough to be seen. Through a crazy snowball of events, I ended up working more on the visual side of things instead of writing—prop styling, creative directing, and eventually working in the blog world helping people build their brands. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago I decided to take a chance and do what had been in my heart all along: being me and letting people see that!

We’re all about being brave here at Sseko, what’s something brave you’ve done in your life?

For me, it took a lot of courage to keep following my heart. From moving to LA, to leaving the security of my job to pursue this wild dream of building a positive platform for women. I think life is more about small, daily acts of courage than these daring moments. THAT is true bravery to me, living your truth every day, and finding your way back to that course, even if you veer off at times. Honesty is bravery, vulnerability is bravery. Choosing LOVE is the ultimate bravery!

You use your platform in such inspiring ways, how do you determine what you’re going to post?

I am such a feeler! There are times when I have things scheduled to post for clients, but most of the time, I just share what’s on my heart or in my head. And I’ve found that those are the times it resonates most with people! Sometimes I feel like I’m just meant to get it out there, and then I will get this message from someone feeling the exact same way, thanking me for sharing and a beautiful conversation unfolds. It’s almost like magic, how connected we all are.

Being in the spotlight often, how do you recharge?

If I don’t need to be “on” I’m almost always off—think at my house in PJs and no makeup. I am a major homebody, and I love to just relax in the stillness. I also love traveling with my tribe, connecting and working through life and finding community with my girlfriends.

What was your favorite Sseko product from the photo shoot?

I am SO in love with that tropical kaftan! I also love the jewelry (don’t make me pick!) and that cute little mint pouch

This collection is a celebration of paradoxes, what is something about yourself that seems like an unexpected paradox?

I think my intro/extrovertedness (is that a word? lol) I LOVE people, but I also love and crave equal amounts of solitude.  My friends have called me a hermit, I think I could go far too long being completely alone!

What piece of advice would you share with other women?

You can take baby steps to bravery. Progress is progress, and sometimes we need to look back and see how far we’ve come to remember we’re on the right path. We are ever-evolving, and growth, birth, doesn’t take place without some pain. Sometimes the smallest actions can be a catalyst for major change. Celebrate every little step, and just take the next little step, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s leading somewhere in the moment. That and, that we ALL feel like we’re faking it here. No one really has it together, we’re all just figuring it out! I promise!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m just so excited to get to be a part of the Sseko family! You have been a part of making my dreams come true, and I know you all build the dreams of deserving women every day. Thank you for what you do to bring light to this world!

If you’re looking to take a step forward in life but not sure what that looks like, we would love to invite you to join our community at Sseko where you will earn an income, receive mentorship and support… all while you make a difference for women in the world! Whether you want to work at home full-time or do it alongside your current job, there’s something for everyone! Learn more or schedule an interview with a woman at Sseko today to see if we’re the right fit for you!

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