{…tears in my coffee cup…}

This morning I am sitting at my desk, tackling my email inbox and sending out a few routine emails to our team in Uganda.

Like I’ve done a thousand times before, I type in the letter “C” and gmail knows, just by that, that I want to send an email to [email protected] 

Only, today it is different. I catch myself, backspace and let my eyes get cloudy with tears. Because after two years with Sseko, Cameron left Uganda on Tuesday to move to Austin, Texas and pursue the next season of life. Two years doesn’t sound like a lot. But for a company that is only two years old, it sure is.

Cam started with Sseko as a glorified party planner. This over-eager sorority girl who called me up and asked what she could do to help promote Sseko. For a year, Cam continued to wow us with her passion, follow-through and ability to just freaking sell sandals. It was crazy. One time, she sold about 140 pairs of sandals. In two hours.


She graduated from college and told us she wanted to move to Uganda. We figured we owed it to her, so we said sure. We gave her a job title, some free business cards and sent her off. Figured she’d probably freak out and only stay for a couple of months.

That was over a year ago. And I literally can’t imagine Sseko without her. I am still a little in awe about how she showed up in a place she’d never set foot and threw herself into life in Uganda and our little corner of the world. The way that she loved our team and gave herself to the vision and dream of Sseko fills me with gratitude for her as an employee, a partner and a friend.

We’ve been through a lot. Lots of laughter. For sure some tears. We’ve wandered through Kenyan trails, listening to the Lion King soundtrack and desperately trying to find Bessie the giraffe. We’ve logged more hours than I’d like to remember watching Modern Family and fixing sandals. Shoot, we’ve even gone to your little brother’s kind of awkward but super charming Christmas choir performance.

Cam, to say we love you is an understatement. We are going to miss you like crazy, but we are so excited about the next season of life for you. You’ll do big things. You’ll bless others with your passion and commitment and joy.

We just ask that you keep wearing your Ssekos while you conquer the world 🙂


Liz and Ben and the Sseko squad

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