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Thamarr Guerrier | Buy Better Not More Vol. 5

We cannot get enough of Thamarr Guerrier, the muse behind Musings of a Curvy Lady! Our favorite, Parisian-loving, nurse-by-day-fashionista is back with her tips for living simply this fall (even though it’s still feelin’ like summer in her neck of the woods!). Our Buy Better Not More series wouldn’t be complete without her; take it away Thamarr!


What is your favorite piece from our Fall Collection & why?

It’s definitely the pebbled drawstring satchel!  I love the caramel color and the design is so classic.  Not only is it functional but it’s going to look great with my fall wardrobe.


What inspires your personal style?

I want to feel happy in whatever I’m wearing so if it doesn’t give me that “Ooh la la la, You’re amazing Thamarr” feeling than I’m not wearing it.  But I love everything about fashion and how you can change it up with your moods.  I love the classic fashions of the ’40s and ’50s but I also love minimal chic looks of modern Parisians.  Fashion is way too fun to be limited by a certain look.  Inspiration for my style comes from everywhere. 


How do you live simply?

I try not to get caught up into having the latest and greatest.  It’s super hard living in a world that tells you that you will only be happy if you acquire more but I try to keep a simple eye.  I also make it a habit to wear my clothes.  As a fashion blogger you can feel pressured to always wear and present new outfits to your readers but the point of wearing clothes, especially the pieces you love to enjoy and wear them.

Why is it important to buy better, not more?

I love the phrase quality over quantity.  It applies to so much.  Instead of placing importance on acquiring more focus on how buying less things with more functionality will add more to your life.  When we purchase things we should ask ourselves how much wear will I honestly get out of this.  Longevity trumps anything passing or trendy.   It just makes sense: less is best and more is a chore.



We’re all for keeping our shelves stocked with classic reads, and our music libraries timeless. What would you add to our libraries?

You must have The Color Purple and To Kill a Mockingbird in your library.  It’s an absolute must! The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill can play from beginning to end on repeat as far as I’m concerned.  You also have a good mix of ’90s pop.  Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn is my favorite tune to belt out in the shower.

Keep up with Thamarr’s journey of living simply (and get some serious outfit inspo!) on her Instagram and Blog!

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