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Thanksgiving in Uganda

One of the best parts of working with an international company is the exchange of culture and ideas that happens every day. Those exchanges are present even in the little things; the ladies in our Uganda workshop have fully embraced the wonders of Zoomba, while our U.S. staff will probably always think of rolex as an omelette wrapped in fried flatbread, rather than something to used for telling time.

Thanksgiving in Uganda | Sseko Designs

Occasionally, though, we have the opportunity to share more meaningful experiences with one another, and perhaps our best new tradition is Sseko Thanksgiving. Once a year, as Americans sit down to share a meal together and talk about their blessings, the Sseko ladies join them on the other side of the globe. We opted for chicken instead of turkey, and our sweet potatoes were white and completely devoid of marshmallows, but the mix of new and traditional foods was a big hit. Aunt Jennifer has a bit of a sweet tooth, and loved the apple crisp and pumpkin pie. Grace Jr. really enjoyed the stuffing, and Robinah’s favorite new foods were dinner rolls and apple crisp.

Thanksgiving in Uganda | Sseko Designs

This year, we set up a long table in the Uganda workshop and took an extended lunch break in order to go around the table and share the year’s blessings. There are new babies and new opportunities to be grateful for, children in school, and gratitude for a work environment where managers and employees can interact as friends.

Thanksgiving in Uganda | Sseko Designs

During the busy workdays, we don’t always have time for moments like that, and it’s really incredible to sit down and get to know one another as a group. The holiday season is already well underway, but we hope that you’ll have an opportunity to slow down and share meals and conversation with the people who surround you each day. We highly recommend it.

Thanksgiving in Uganda | Sseko Designs

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