{…time flies!…}

tomorrow, it will be July.

and July, it turns out, is our birthday month.

can you believe it? tomorrow marks our very first birthday.

it is hard to believe that a year ago, we were sitting in the living room with our whiteboard and smelly markers and notepads asking, “ok. are we really going to do this? like really, legitimately going to do this?” and well, the answer to that was, “yes. let’s do the dang thing.”

and here we are.

a year later.

a year later and three incredibly bright young women are in university, pursuing their degrees. oh, and in the meantime, Mercy is serving as the Minister of Women’s Affairs for her 30,000 person university. and Rebecca? she scored an incredible internship with the World Vision to study and assist in grass roots community development and poverty alleviation.

a year later.

and 8 more incredible girls are making sandals and starting to hear back from their respective Universities on where they will go this fall and what they will be studying and are dreaming with even more clarity about how they will be the change makers in their country.

a year later.

and 4 incredible mamas are finally earning a fair wage that is sending their little ones to school and putting food in their mouths and shelter over those little noggins. 

a year later.

and two incredible young american women are on staff in Uganda, helping us grow this dream, learning about taking risks, sacrificing and living life to fullest. 

a year later.

and a very happy me is sitting across from my very incredible husband who is now, not only my life partner, but my full-time Sseko partner too. 

Oh, how a year flies. 

Happy Birthday, Sseko.

Thanks for dreaming with us friends. 

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  • Reply Lora Lynn June 30, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Seriously, I got a little misty-eyed for you. Yay, Sseko!! Happy Birthday!

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