Life at Sseko, Uganda

{…Uncle Sseko…}

At Sseko Uganda we are 27 women: Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Aunties. Wives. Friends.

And we are happy to announce that team Sseko in Uganda is now also one man: A son. An uncle. A husband.

I’m happy to introduce you to Brent, our new Director of Operations. Brent and his wife Courtney recently moved to Uganda and joined the Sseko family.

They are originally from Mississippi, although they’ve lived all over in recent years (thankfully, they haven’t lost those fantastic southern accents!)

They both enjoy being active- working out, playing sports, and water skiing (but have had to put that last one to rest, since Uganda doesn’t offer much in the way of water sports…yet)

Courtney works as a physical therapist around Kampala, but she still finds time to visit Sseko in her free moments. She is lovingly referred to as CoCo, since Courtney isn’t the easiest name to remember or pronounce. Brent, sometimes referred to as MR Brent…or Brian…or the Big Man, is a welcome addition to our office and management team.

Brent has a background in consulting and is a super whiz at all things systems, work flow, finance and really all the things that we need to keep this ship running smoothly and (here’s that favorite buzzword!) sustainably.

He fits in so well; it doesn’t feel like he’s the new kid. We’re so grateful to have him working with us and helping us as we grow. We’re excited for our expanding Sseko family- babies and men so far…what’s next?!

 Director of Operations for Sseko Designs in Uganda

Brent and Courtney in Uganda

Bujagli Falls in Uganda

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