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Welcome to the Fashion Revolution

It’s Fashion Revolution Week.

What does that mean?

On April 24, 2013, over 1,100 garment workers in Bangladesh were killed (and 2,500 others badly injured) when a 5 story building called Rana Plaza collapsed while they were working inside. They saw the cracks in the building beforehand but were forced to go back inside to continue their work of producing clothing to be sold at major retail stores. 

The unsafe conditions that led to the death of these individuals are widespread across the garment industry, and that is just one reason why it’s time for a revolution.

Every year, in memory of what happened at Rana Plaza, people across the globe are using their voices to demand better treatment for those who create what we wear. One way to do so is by posting a photo of a garment on social media, tagging the brand who made it and asking #whomademyclothes.

When you buy from Sseko, you can know exactly who made your clothes (or shoes, or bags, or jewelry). Did you know that every Sseko item is signed by the woman who made it? In fact, you can meet the women who create our products and read about them HERE!

We’re revolutionizing the way fashion products are made, bringing dignity and opportunity to the lives of those who create Sseko pieces. And we’ve taken the revolution one step further: we’re revolutionizing the way clothes are not just made, but sold, too! Sseko offers community and financial opportunity to women of all walks of life-from East Africa to right here in the USA

Thank you for supporting Sseko, and in doing so, joining the fashion revolution.

Every dollar you spend at Sseko is directly making an impact across the world by creating safe and sustainable jobs for women in Uganda, as well as artisans in East Africa. We are so proud to work alongside these amazing people and are continually amazed by the incredible products they create.

Who knew joining a revolution could be so much fun?!

Together, we can create a brighter future. Together, we are creating a brighter future!

P.S. If you’re ever in Uganda, we would love to have you stop by our factory! We have an open-door policy – nothing to hide, and LOTS to show off! 😉 

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