{what would agnes do?}

I’ve been back in the US office for a few weeks now. And literally almost everyday I find myself wishing for an Agie here at the Sseko HQ in Portland.

“Wish for a what?” you might ask.

To which I would reply, “Not a what, a who!”

We’ve bragged about Agnes before. In fact, it’s hard to stop bragging about Agnes.  Agie puts in long hours to help us stay afloat and stay sane. She wears many hats, including overseeing the Procurement Department, faithfully performing quality checks, running errands, doing admin tasks in the office, managing a variety of projects, and trying to assist us with some of our crazy off-the-wall ideas (like trying to find helium, even though she had never heard of it.)

Agnes is intelligent, trustworthy, and responsible. She is willing to work, and she is able to handle it all with grace and poise. She is a vital part of Sseko management, and we’d be so, so, so lost without her. Her willingness to go the extra mile and burn the midnight oil challenges and encourages us daily.

Agie gets Ugandan culture in ways we never will, which means she keeps us in check and helps us navigate sticky situations that we don’t fully understand due to either cultural or language differences. And when she isn’t around, we often find ourselves asking, “What would Agie do?”

Ah, I am totally against human cloning, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I find myself thinking I’d compromise my own ethics on the matter if it meant having two Agies around! Weird? Probably. True? Shamefully, yes.

 Agie, you’re one in a million. Thanks for helping make Sseko great. 

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